Call Her Lotte

ein Transmedia Projekt
Classroom Game

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The project „Call Her Lotte“ is inspired by the childhood of Charlotte Knobloch and offers an innovative educational approach through  transmedia storytelling. It is the story of a friendship during the Nazi regime, told in a stereographic 3D-short film, and supported by an interactive educational game, as well as an online community. Young people are taken on an entertaining journey confronting them with this complex topic in a very contemporary form.

The film had its acclaimed premiere at the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival and was presented at the film festival Cannes in the category „Cinema of Tomorrow“.

„Call Her Lotte!“ received 13 awards at more than 25 film festivals worldwide.

The German premiere was held at the legendary Berlin Zoopalast in 3D and Dolby Atmos. The educational project by writer and director Annekathrin Wetzel and producer Michael Geidel was also presented at this event and was part of the ARD theme week „Tolerance“ in November 2014.

Partners of the film are Bayerischer Rundfunk, SLM and FFF Bayern.

The educational project is supported by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, the governmental Commissioner for Culture and Media as well as other institutions.