Our Lab is the space, where we develop ideas, concepts and test new technologies together with storytelling – without the constraints of tight deadlines or production schedules. Once we feel something is ready, it leaves the lab and becomes part of our production schedule or service offering. We focus on Transmedia and using new technologies for more immersive storytelling, mainly Multi-Platform-projects and since some time with a focus on VR. Wir arbeiten dabei meist nicht allein, sondern verbünden uns mit anderen Experten für u.a. Writing, Directing, Visual Artists und werden Teil von Beta- oder Dev-Programmen von zB Intel oder Google. Ab und an gehen wir auch mal raus und nehmen an Hackathons teil. Das brachte uns schon einige Awards ein wie beim Hack N Wear Berlin 2015 oder dem Immersive Hackathon München.
We collaborate with other experts, technologists and visual artists and partner with beta-programs or developer-programs like with Intel and Google. Sometimes we also go out and put ourselfes into Hackathons, eventually we won some awards like at the Hack N Wear Berlin 2015 or at the Immersive Hackathon Munich.
We plan to open the lab also more for external artists. If you are interested to partner with us, please drop us an email. Thanks.